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Toy Box Ideas
for making Great
Wooden Toy Box or
Wooden Toy Chest
Using Toy Box Plans

Toy Box Ideas for creating a kids Wooden Toy Box. If you already have a Kids wooden toy chest, there are many ways to improve it.

Lets explore some of those ways. If you still have not made your first wooden toy box for your special child or children, consider getting a Toy Box Plan first.

Regardless of whether you already have one or still need to build one. The toy box ideas presented can be a great stepping stone to customizing and personalizing any Wooden toy box.

Toy box ideas are only good if they are used at some point, and they can come from many different directions. However, Wonderful Woodcraft believes the best place to get yours will be from your child or children.

Their personalities and likes are a great key to getting the right Toy Box Plan and building the right wooden toy box.

Lets start with building a new one,! What will be the most important factors to consider for any new toy box ideas that we may want to implement? The number one most important factor is the Gender of your child or children.

Next will be their age, the younger they are the harder it will be to get something that they will want to keep around as they get older. A wonderful way to handle this is, create a toy box that can be easily changed.

How do you do that? This is Wonderful Woodcraft's number 1 suggestion for building kids toy boxes that can become family heirlooms.

For the Boys! Build that wooden toy chest with removable panels, that can be turn to the inside when they get older.

This way when they are young the panels can be painted with their likes, and when they get older they can be turned in and a new look can be created that matches their new likes.

This also allows for it to be passed on to their child when the time comes. It has become a great family heirloom, that can continue to be passed on to future generations.

The painted side can be easily repainted to match the current child’s personality and likes, the custom side should include an area that allows for tracing past owners, kind of a family tree for the men of the family line.

For the Girls! Same steps, but think Promise Chest or Hope Chest for when they are older. Remember to include an area for the family line of the women, this is even more important to the girls a lot of times.

Both the Boys and Girls, consider carving or etching the names in so they will last for generations to come.

For those who already have a wooden toy box! These are a little harder, but still doable. The easiest way to handle these is by using paint that can be sanded off later and then customized to match the older age and personality.

A second way to handle them is to use contact paper and leave an area that can still be used for the family members that have owned it in the past. Suggest using the inside of the top for this as it will allow adding the future names easily.

One last one! Use stencils on it. They can be sanded off easily as the child gets older and new ones added that are right for them at that time of their lives. Better yet they can be redone over an over for each new generation.

Last thoughts on toy box Ideas, if your building one from the ground up, try to find and use Cedar Wood, each sanding releases a wonderful aroma that last for a long time. A great way to keep your child's room smelling fresh. Don't forget the toy box plans.

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